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Möhr-Niggli (GR)

"GRRR" 2018

SFr. 33.00

Our first "cuvée" in collaboration with Möhr-Niggli Weingut and we are very happy !!
Great Pinot Noir from the Lieu-dit "Churer", great vintage and a nice aging in 350L oak barrel. Hurry up, only 400 bottles!

Province: Graubünden
Grape(s): Pinot Noir
Aging: Oak barrel
Agriculture: Organic
Alcohol: 13.5%
Drink before: 2030   

We love it so much we think it goes well with everything! Prefer meals that are not too strong. Even if Pinot Noirs from Graubünden are usually richer than in any other Province, this one is still very elegant. Open 2h before drinking. 
Temperature: 15 to 18°C

Matthias & Sina are two globetrotters. Before settling down in settling down in Sina's parents estate in Maienfeld (GR) they traveled the world and got experience in France, Italy and mainly California. Since they're back they are dedicated in the production of high quality wines with low intervention in the cellar. Their wines are served in many high quality gastronomic restaurants.

Graubünden is the 10th biggest wine region in Switzerland. 80% of the vineyard will be located near Chur and more precisely in the villages of Malan, Jenins, Maienfeld and Fläsch. The main varietal is (like everywhere in the Swiss German Part) the Pinot Noir but the region is also know for its Chardonays, Pinot Gris and also for one of the rarest varietal on earth : the Completer (white wine). Graubünden is known as the region giving the best Pinot Noir in the country. 

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